The work integration social enterprise, Yalla Trappan, is located in the heart of Rosengård, Malmö. Since the start in 2010, the general aim of Yalla Trappan is to provide work for immigrant women who would otherwise have severe difficulties entering the labor market. Organized as a women's cooperative, Yalla Trappan is built on democratic values such as participation, co-determination and solidarity.

Yalla Trappan now employs 15 women in its three commercial branches: café and catering, a cleaning and conference service and a sewing and design studio. Furthermore, it enables labor market introduction for newly arrived immigrant women by providing internship opportunities.    

What started out in as a project dependent on financial support from the European Social Fund, the City of Malmö and ABF Malmö, has evolved into a self-contained social enterprise utilizing the knowledge and capabilities of its co-workers to run an innovative business characterized by a strong focus on social sustainability. Among several inspiring collaborations, Yalla Trappan has established a partnership with IKEA.

Mera Yalla i Skåne is a project financed by The Social Investment Fund in Region Skåne and ABF Malmö aiming to spread Yalla Trappans’ successful working methods to other municipalities in the region of Skåne. The project is expected to result in a growth of knowledge in social enterprising and to facilitate the establishment of new work integration social enterprises inspired by Yalla Trappan.

Yallas Ambassadörer - medarbetare inspirerar och informerar om socialt företagande is financed by the European Social Fund. Connected to Mera Yalla i Skåne, it allows for a number of Yalla Trappans' co-workers, who made the journey from social exclusion and unemployment to becoming active citizens taking part in society and working life themselves, to spread their knowledge of social enterprising.